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strašna peć

National park Kornati

Kornati or Kornati Islands are islands in central Dalmatia, south of Zadar. The island consists of about 150 islands spread over a surface of 320 km2.
The southern part of the island was replaced by a national park in 1980. The total area of the park is about 220 km2 and consists of 89 islands of islets and cliffs of the surface of the park, only about 1/4 of the mainland, while the remaining part of the marine ecosystem. Kornati with an area of 32.44 km² is the largest island in this island and occupies two-thirds of the National Park. The island is 25.2 km long and is 2.5 km wide.
The islands have no permanent settlers and detailed information on NP KORNATI can be found at http://www.kornati.hr/hrv/index.asp For our guests we organize a full day boat trip to NP Kornati. http://www.kornati.hr/hrv/index.asp
Za naše goste organiziramo cijelodnevni izlet brodom u NP Kornati.

Natural park Telašćica

Natural park Telašćica is located on the southeastern part of Dugi otok and is 10 km away from Hotel Luka, and one of the largest local attractions due to its plant and animal diversity. Telašćica is also interesting for the "Salt Lake" located within the park but and because of the endemic growing in the park area. For our guests we organize a full day boat excursion to Natural park Telašćica.

Cave Strašna peć

The cave "Strašna Peć" was first mentioned in 1898. in the Dalmatian list "Il Dalmata" after the first speleological exploration of the cave was carried out. After that in 1904, The Austrian magazine "Ilustrierte Österreichische Riviera Zeitung" is popularizing and bringing first visitors. The same visitors to Dugi Otok came from old steamships from Zadar.

In addition to them, "Strašna Peć" was written by leading German, Croatian and Italian media. This popularity has resulted in the first famous visitors of Strašne Peći, among others:

  • Austro-Hungarian Car Franjo Josip in 1904, who funded its original arrangement. He constructs the iron gate at the entrance, two ferrets and arranges the staircase to the sea
  • Prince Edward with the British royal family

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